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Award winning specialist costume makers for film, television and performance production Couture Effects asked us to create a brand strategy that would reflect their incredible skillset and experience. They are the company behind some of the greatest period / fantasy television moments to hit the big screen over the past 15 years including Game of Thrones and Pan. The brand had to position Couture Effects as the ‘go to’ bespoke costume makers for the leading production companies. Couture Effects client list includes HBO, Earner Bros. Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Disney to name a few.

Couture effects ad Couture effects ad

We created a classic yet modern brand mark with a deliberate slice through the typography to reflect the processes undertaken by Couture Effects when crafting their garments. Along with the brand mark itself we developed a brand language for the business to co-inside with their ambition as a company – ‘Big tailoring for tall tales’ and ‘Stitching up stories’ highlight how much of an integral part of any film production Couture Effects are. We wanted to give Couture Effects as much of a presence in the film and television landscape as the actors and filmmakers themselves.

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When married together the mark, type pairing, colour palette, textures and photography create a unique, engaging brand identity that achieves exactly what Couture Effects and Kaizen Brand Evolution set out to achieve.

Couture effects ad Couture effects ad

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