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Mirror Media Ireland are one of Irelands leading Media Companies with an outstanding range of media outlets in their portfolio. Brands such as irishmirror.ie, Dublin Live, Belfast Live, the Irish Mirror, The Irish Sunday Mirror and the overarching Mirror Newspaper are some of the platforms they offer. As a part of their exclusive offering Mirror Media create content, launch brands, hold events such as the Pride of Ireland Awards, supply analytics and pride themselves on their relationships with clients.

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The design challenge was to deliver a contemporary brand identity and communication strategy that set the company apart from their competitors. While a modern, unique identity was required they wanted to keep the historic value that ‘The Mirror’ brand represented. They also wanted to reinforce their reputation as a young, modern, creative company with fresh ideas. We intended to deliver an engaging contemporary brand identity that highlighted the brand values of Mirror Media. Following a brand audit with the senior management team we identified their 5 brand pillars: Innovation, Multimedia Content Curation, Partnerships, Events and Insights.

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Following the in depth brand audit we embodied the 5 brand pillars with the strap-line. The conversation starts with us.’ This statement encompasses what the brand means to the company and their clients, starting conversations through media.

We started the identity with a lowercase ‘m’ set in Futura New Demi, removing the brand from the overarching uppercase ‘M’ of the Mirror brand while symbolising a younger, more creative service. We then introduced a‘ conversation box’ device to the ‘m’ highlighting brand messages and re-enforcing the primary logo. Advertising the brand launch we inter-twined the m device with situational photography, geographical locations and media based imagery. The imagery continuously includes the strap-line re-enforcing the brand across all print and digital collateral. We also created an introductory animation reel of the new brand identity with the ‘conversation box’ coming to life, showcasing the personality of the company.

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