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We are a team of experienced Motion Graphics Designers who have helped businesses all across the country visualise their concepts through Motion Graphic and Animation projects. These have included: Display advertisements, product and explainer videos, presentation decks and television adverts.

We have worked on projects for: Mirror Media Ireland, Coca-Cola, Keogh’s Crisps and Peroni to name a few. Whatever your industry, we can create graphics to engage and stimulate your customers.

To start a motion graphics project with our studio please get in touch on 028 95072007 or fill in the contact form below.

Motion Graphics Design Process

The process of creating stunning visuals is exactly the same regardless of output. From PPC Display Ads, to Television Production, our creative is of the highest quality and suitable for every media type. Below we outline our process to creating stunning visuals.

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Without understanding, we cannot successfully create a project to meet and exceed your ambitions. We make no apology for asking many questions, as the answers to such questions will shape our learning of your business and project.

Armed with knowledge, our skill as a creative studio lies not only in the output but the telling of your story. Just like our brand design projects, the communication to our clients is critical. Armed with your provided script, we tease out the key elements to attract and engage your audience.


Did we mention we tell a great story? Great stories are the backbone of every video project we undertake. Our team of 11 designers will use creative thinking to develop a visual story in line with your brand and project ambitions. With your input, we review and finalise this into the scenes of our animation.

Depending on the project, we may sketch or mock up a mood board for each of the scenes. This will ensure our vision and direction suits your project.

Design As Flats

After agreeing our chosen direction, we begin the design development creating the overall style of the animation. This may be in line with your brand guidelines or otherwise. To ensure we keep to our budget and your timeframe, we design as flat screens first. This makes changes much easier as we haven’t added in the animation yet.

Animation & Motion

Now to the exciting bit! After final sign off on flat designs, we begin the process of animation. Within each of the previous stages, we will tease out critical information and use this as our core animated functions. We make things move, add visual effects and overall bring your design to life.

Every Project Starts With An Idea

If you want to start a project with our studio or you want to explore an idea, we’d love to hear from you. Simply get in touch with us on 028 9507 2007 or use the Contact Form.

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