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Richie Lavery is an established photographer specialising in all aspects of high-end imaging, from portraiture and architectural to interior and exterior photography. Richie’s business has gained some major traction since working across Northern Ireland on high spec building projects and as part of this grown he approached kaizen Brand Evolution to develop a new brand positioning for him. The new brand would be a stand-alone, luxury property marketing business with scope to work further a field in the UK, Ireland and beyond. In preparation for the new venture Richie required a full name generation for the new business as well as a brand strategy.

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The mark itself is a typographic logo with a brand device ingrained in the letter ‘H.’ The type used is a timeless font family which translates effortlessly online and in print, always reflecting the high-end nature of the work of Phantom. We introduced a language set for the brand that plays on the meaning of phantom and that nicely ties in with the nature of the business. Statements such as ‘unreal estate marketing’ really emphasise the namesake and put a positive spin on how ‘UNREAL’ the skillset of the property marketing company are. Everything that Richie has to offer in Phantom does actually seem unreal- it’s so good. Elements such as drone fly-overs, full micro sites for a property, and virtual-reality tours of a home – all of this is absolutely unreal when you see it in action making way for the organic slogan.

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From the naming process, brand narrative and strategy to the design and implementation the Phantom brand now stands out amongst its competitors and successfully communicates the values, work, dedication and skillset of the team. With plans to first launch the new Phantom brand at the Belfast Telegraph Awards ceremony we look forward to working with Richie as his brand evolves. The Phantom branding was such an exciting project to be a part of from the very start, seeing the name generation flourish into a strong identifiable brand is something we’re very proud of here at Kaizen Brand Evolution and as the brand grows we will remain brand guardians keeping every brand touch point on power with the work done to date.

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