We help build your business from the ground up, brand design is the process of taking your business and building it an identity to match the product or service. Your brand design is one of the key components of your business, a correct branding of a business is the difference between success and failure. That’s why here at kaizen we tailor brand design around your business making sure it’s the perfect fit for you each and every time.

When designing a brand we first take a brief from you the client, then begin researching the business individually. Once we feel we have all the necessary information we pass the job onto a number of our designers who each interpret the brief and the core values of the business who then come up with a selection of usually contrasting brand ideas. These brand designs are then presented to the business to asses which one represents the business the best relates to, after this one core concept is run with and you are invited adaptand shape the concept as you see fit to ensure the brand design is fully tailored to your business.

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