Kaizen Brand Evolution - Services - Brand Name Generation

Brand Name Generation

Many businesses engage a branding studio to assist in the name generation stage of the project. While they may already have considered a number of options, bringing creatives into the mix provides a well rounded opportunity to explore a many different options.

After consultation with the client on the ambitions of the project, our team of creatives will understand the business, product or service offering and research this area in-depth. We will use creativity and experience to tease out ideas and then use research and understanding to ensure these may fulfil the brief.

Kaizen Brand Evolution - Services - Brand Name Generation
Kaizen Brand Evolution - Services - Brand Name Generation

As you can imagine, this output can produce hundreds of ideas. With this in mind our Design Director will refine the overall list to 10-20 fully explored options. We will of course show all work created in this project in case this sparks something you may or may not have considered. At the end of the process we will present a fully justified and understood brand name that can be utilised within our branding process.

Choosing the right brand name

As part of this process we research: Business / Project & Service Names, we look for similar businesses in the same industry and we research domain name availability around the final names presented. This ensures that whatever name is chosen can be fully activated offline and online unrestricted.

Kaizen Brand Evolution - Services - Brand Name Generation

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If you are interested in a brand name generation project or are considering one for your project, please do get in touch with our team. We know our experience and understanding will help support your ambitions in the project. Please give us a call on 028 95072007 or get in touch with us via the contact form below.

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